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Papers On Legal Briefs
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This 3-page paper examines the freedom of speech and association in the above case. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: MTlaviopse.rtf

Gideon v. Wainwright
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A 5 page research paper that offers a legal brief and summary concerning this landmark decision of the US Supreme Court. Due to this decision, all defendants are provided with an attorney, as the court will appoint counsel if the defendant cannot afford this service. Bibliography lists 1 sources.
Filename: khgid63.rtf

GMAC v. Raju
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An 11 page research paper that examines a case, Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) v. Raju, which involves intellectual property law on the Internet. The writer particularly examines the court’s interpretation of Rule 4(k)(2). Bibliography is incomplete, but 5 sources are cited in the text of the paper.
Filename: khgmac.rtf

Hannah v. Peel
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A 5 page case summary of a property case that offers the facts of the case, the holding, the rationale of the court, disposition and a brief discussion of dissenting opinion. No bibliography is offered.
Filename: khhvp.rtf

Hayes v. Jackson (1893)
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A 5 page paper that summarizes and analyzes the case of Hayes v. Jackson (1893). The writer discusses the facts of the case, procedural history, question before the court, holding, rational for the holding, disposition and dissenting opinion. No bibliography is offered.
Filename: khhayvj.rtf

Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier (Legal Brief)
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This 7 page paper provides an overview of this case that concerns the first amendment rights of students. The opinion, as well as the dissenting opinion, are each discussed, along with the ramifications of the decision. No sources.
Filename: SA208HvK.rtf

Hoffa v the United States
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A 5 page overview of this Supreme Court case involving attempted bribery of a petit jury by the president of the Teamsters labor union, Jimmy Hoffa. The case argued, unsuccessfully, that the government’s use of a paid informant who worked his way into Hoffa’s motel suite and the area of his legal counsel, constituted a violation of Hoffa’s Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment rights. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: PPlwHoff.rtf

Hofmann v. American Dressler
[ send me this paper ]
A 4 page case summary on a case that concerns whether an artist should be paid for spec work. The writer summarizes the facts of the case, procedural history, the holding, the rationale of the court and the disposition. No bibliography is offered.
Filename: khhvamd.rtf

Issues in UK Contract Law
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This 10 page paper is an example on how to answer a law essay questions and considers two aspects of contract law. In the first part of the paper potential problems with the internet are discussed. Issues such as the determination of when a contract is formed and the forming the contract are considered. The second part of the paper looks at offer, acceptance and the postal rule in a case where issues such as faxes and revocation are includedand how it needs to be established whether or not a contract has been formed. The paper is an example on how to answer a law essay question and cites many relevant cases. The bibliography cites 7 sources.
Filename: TEcontrac.wps

Jacobson v. United States (1992)
[ send me this paper ]
A 1 page discussion of this Supreme Court ruling. Outlines the case details of a two and one-half year campaign by the government to entice petitioner to order child pornography. Although the petitioner was originally convicted, the Supreme Court overturned that ruling based on the obvious intent of the government to entrap the petitioner. No additional sources are listed.
Filename: PPlawBr3.wps

John Grisham/Testamentary Capacity
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A 5 page research paper that takes the form of a legal memorandum concerning the fictional case that forms the basis for John Grisham's The Testament. The writer argues that the case for Phelan's legitimate children against the illegitimate daughter, to whom he left his billions, citing case law. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: khtstcap.wps

Latoyna Poole et al. v. Hawkeye Area Community Action Program et al. (Brief)
[ send me this paper ]
This 3 page paper provides a brief of this case involving the issue of relevancy and materiality. Those issues are the focus of the brief that outlines a case about children who were poisoned due to lead based paint present in a rental property. No additional sources cited.
Filename: SA408Two.rtf

Laytime; The Calculation And Conditions Surrounding the its Use and Calculation
[ send me this paper ]
This 22 page paper looks at the maritime issue of laytime as seen in charterparty contracts. The way it is calculated and what will and will not count as laytime is discussed with reference to actual arbitration's and contracts. The bibliography cites 9 sources.
Filename: TElaytim.wps

Legal Analysis of a Slip-and-fall Case
[ send me this paper ]
An 11 page extensive analysis of a hypothetical slip-and-fall lawsuit. In this scenario, Tom Hansen slipped and fell while shopping at the Apex Supermarket, incurring a severe hip injury. Mr. Hansen’s accident was due to a spill of an oily liquid on the floor, which created a hazard. Mr. Hansen seeks legal counsel as to whether to pursue a lawsuit against Apex Supermarket in order to receive monetary damages for his injury, but he wishes assurance as to whether or not his case would actually receive a jury trial, or be dismissed due to a summary judgment. The writer cites 3 cases in arguing that Mr. Hansen should not pursue his suit. No bibliography is offered.
Filename: khhansen.rtf

Legal Brief / U.S. Supreme Court Decision # 3
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New York Times v. United States 403 U.S. 713 (1991). Primary issue is whether or not the government has the privilege of enjoining the press prior to publications whenever it feels that national security is at stake.
Filename: Legalbr3.wps

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